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How can I use different prices for a customer?

How can I use different prices for a customer?

Cin7 Core allows several methods of setting different pricing for customers or groups of customers.

Price Tiers

Cin7 Core lets you set up to 10 price points for each individual product. Customers are assigned a price tier which sets what price they can buy products for. Price Tier names are set up in General Settings while Price Tier values are managed from the Inventory module.

Price tiers can be assigned to customers on the customer details screen or to a sale order in the document header. The sale order price tier takes priority over the customer price tier.

Price Tier amounts can be set manually or calculated using markup rules, including the option to dynamically follow changes in supplier pricing.

See Managing Prices and Price Tiers to learn more.

Custom Pricing

You can set custom prices for the products in your inventory for selected customers. Custom prices take precedence over regular product prices set by price tiers. This means that they are used in place of the regular product price.

Once set up, a product's custom price can be edited or deleted at any time from either a product's or a customer's Details page.

See Setting Custom Product Pricing to learn more.


Cin7 Core has the ability to add discounts and markups to products, known as product discounts. These can be applied at the product level, customer group level and individual customer level. It also has the ability to add a percentage customer discount, which will be applied to all products bought by that customer.

See Discounts to learn more.

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