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Multiple COGS entries

Multiple COGS entries

Q: We are unaware of these entries and when trying to trace through logs and attributes on the invoice attached in the screen shot there is a credit note and restock been done but is not reflected in the logs and attributes yet in the list below it shows yesterday there is a -$14.00 then added back in a positive $14.00 but we can't see who has done this. Can you clarify why this would be?

A: We are avoiding now altering the historical COGS transactions. So if there are some cost events that are dated after the COGS is generated we create an additional transaction instead of updating existing one. previously it was updating old cogs transactions which created mess with locked dates and sync. The screens shots shows cost change transactions. cost updated for sold stock and was properly reflected in COGS transaction with the effective cost change date for both invoice and credit note restock.

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