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User questions: Subscriptions

User questions: Subscriptions

Note: We have had issues with customers having problem with the recurring billing payments being accepted. Please get directly in touch with Cin7 Core support if you are affected by this issue. Alternatively, you can switch to the Annual rather than Monthly plan, which accepts payment via bank transfer.

Q: We need a way to be able to renew our subscription without entering card details every month.
A: Cin7 Core has a recurring billing agreement that you need to sign electronically so that you won't have to fill up your credit card details each time you pay for your subscription. To access the agreement, go to My Subscription page, click Change payment method, then continue to process the payment. Once done, check your mailbox and sign the recurring billing agreement so that subsequent payments will be processed automatically moving forward.

Q: We have always had a recurring billing scenario. Every time a credit card is changed, why are we required to sign a new agreement?

A: This is a security measure taken to prevent fraud. A credit card contains sensitive information, and we need the cardholder's consent to process any recurring billing agreement. Thus, a change in the credit card used to pay for your subscription will require that you sign the recurring billing agreement.

The same is true whenever a new user or additional integration is added to your invoice. When the invoice amount changes, the billing agreement needs to be signed again.

Q: Is it possible to consolidate the monthly invoice(s) for my Cin7 Core subscriptions into one? Where can I download my monthly invoice?
A: Unfortunately, it is not possible. You can have a copy of all your invoices by clicking My Account on the top right, then clicking My Subscription. Scroll down to the Payment History section, where you can download your invoices if needed.

Q: If I have a company on the previous, cheaper Cin7 Core subscription, am I eligible to move the newer subscriptions to the price tier of the earlier one?
A: Unfortunately, no. The current subscription fee will apply when you upgrade to a paid subscription.

Q: I've already cancelled Cin7 Core POS as an add-on. I see that I am still being charged the monthly fee. I would like this removed from my account.

A: Your subscription is still valid and active with Cin7 Core. Go to Integrations > Cin7 Core POS and disconnect your account to stop being charged with the monthly fee.

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