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Implementing an EDI Solution with Cin7 Core and SPS Commerce

Implementing an EDI Solution with Cin7 Core and SPS Commerce

Cin7 Core customers looking to improve their business processes may benefit from using EDI, or electronic data interchange, which allows companies to directly send information digitally to each other's systems using a standardised format. In this regard, we at Cin7 Core have partnered with SPS Commerce in providing an end-to-end EDI solution for our customers.

With this service, Cin7 Core hopes to help customers streamline their business operations and increase the efficiency with which information to and from Cin7 Core is transmitted to other systems.


  • This service is immediately available to Cin7 Core customers looking for an EDI solution.

What is EDI?

With EDI, the transmission of information and transactions with other businesses is done electronically, allowing for greater accuracy and speed of communication. Businesses that previously used paper or fax to communicate with their customers and/or suppliers can improve their processes dramatically utilising EDI. For example, purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices and other documents can all be digitally transmitted to customers and suppliers without going through manual processes anymore. Extensive time and cost savings can be generated through this streamlined process.

What is SPS Commerce?

SPS Commerce has been pioneering retail automation since 2001. Trusted by more than 80,000 organisations worldwide and with more than 350,000 users in 60 countries, SPS ranked as the #1 EDI software solution for 2019 on The SPS platform is pre-wired to thousands of the world’s biggest retailers and vendors, so you get connected to your trading partners with blazing speed.

How will the EDI solution be implemented?

SPS Commerce will provide an EDI solution specific to a customer's needs. It will provide the end-to-end EDI solution, from implementation to support. It will handle the data mapping and translation/conversion of data in each and every document that goes into and out of the EDI.

SPS Commerce will ensure that the EDI solution works with Cin7 Core. It will also be scalable and can integrate with any system you may want to connect to in the future.

To illustrate, during pick/pack and ship, a master file that includes every single field from a purchase order, an invoice, and other relevant documents, if any, will be created. Using the collected data, SPS Commerce will build the connectivity between your system and your partner's system, ensuring that the order is created in both systems.

To know more about how this works, check out the video below.

EDI + Cin7 Core Demo

If you're looking to implement EDI in your organisation, or you're ready to implement one, you can request a quote for an SPS Commerce EDI solution from Cin7 Core using the following methods.

  1. Via the Cin7 Core website:

    • Click here to go to the Cin7 Core SPS Commerce page.

    • Click Request a Quote.


    • Fill up the form.


    • Click the Request a Quote button on the form.

  1. Call Cin7 Core Sales using the following numbers:

    • Australia: +61 2 4058 4080

    • UK: +44 145 160 7056

    • US: +1 415 650 1054

In both these cases, Cin7 Core will take care of registering your request for an EDI solution with SPS Commerce.

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