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Pepperi is an omnichannel platform for both online and in-store B2B sales and retail execution. Combining sales force automation, retail execution, route accounting and B2B eCommerce in an integrated out-of-the-box solution, Pepperi helps customers to plan, execute and analyse their B2B omnichannel sales. Features include:

  • Online/offline order taking made easy with e-catalogs, trade promotions and full customer data

  • Retail execution app for in-store auditing, merchandising and replenishment

  • Direct store delivery and van sales powered by a route accounting app for iOS and Android mobile devices

  • Web and mobile B2B eCommerce enables buyers to order anytime, from anywhere

  • Central management streamlines omnichannel operations across customer touchpoints


Please see Pepperi's documentation to connect Cin7 Core to Pepperi. You may need to generate an API channel in Cin7 Core and enter the credentials in Pepperi.

Users will need the Settings: Cin7 Core API setup permission to generate API keys from Cin7 Core.

Generate an API channel

  1. In Cin7 Core, go to Integrations → API.

  2. On the API Integration page, click the + icon on the top right, enter a name for the API (for easy identification, you might want to use Pepperi as the API name), and click Create button to generate an API channel.

  3. Cin7 Core then creates the API account ID and key under the Setup tab of the API Integration page. You will need these credentials to connect Cin7 Core to Pepperi.

  4. Click Save.


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